Tongues of Materia Medica


tonguesAnt crud- Thick milky white coating
Ant tart- Coated pasty thick white with reddened papillae and red edges
Apis Mel– Tongue fiery red, swollen , sore and raw with vesicles as if varnished
Aurum – Strawberry Tongue
Belladonna – Strawberry tongue
Baptisia– white and red papillae, dry and yellow brown in centre, later dry, cracked, ulcerated
Bryonia– Dry parched tongue, coated along centre, red at base
Cina– Clean tongue
Ipecac– Clean tongue
Pyrogen-Large, flabby, clean, smooth as if varnished
Mercurius – large, flabby, with imprint of teeth, mapped tongue
Nux vom – First half clean, posterior coated with deep fur, white, yellow, cracked edges
Nux Moschata– tongue so dry that it adheres to the soft palate
Rhus Tox– Dry, sore, red, cracked, triangular red top. Takes the imprint of teeth
Lac Can – Tongue coated white with bright red edges
Natrum Mur– Tongue mapped with red insular patches, like ringworm on sides
Chelidonium– Tongue yellow with imprint of teeth, large flabby
Taraxacum– mapped tongue covered with a white film, coated with raw patches
Nitric acid– tongue clean, red with central furrow, fissured in all directions
Fluoric acid– fissured in all directions
Veratrum viride– red stripe down the centre
Nat sulp – Dirty Greenish gray or brown coating of the tongue
Kali mur– Greyish white coating of tongue
Baptisia– brownish coating of tongue
Geographical Tongue- Natrum mur, Taraxacum




Cracked Fissured Tongue- Fluoric Acid


Strawberry Tongue- Bell, Arum Triphyllum






Thick milky white coated tongue- Ant Crud





Deep centrally cracked Tongue- Nitric Acid


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