Online Treatment

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Welcome to On-Line Treatment service

Consultations with Dr Samir Chaukkar online by email, skype, or by telephone.

These consultations allow you to take immediate action to start resolving your health issues.

If you would like to receive homeopathic treatment from us
please follow the procedure given below

  • Send us an email or download our questionnaire.
  • Your homeopathic medicines will be delivered direct to your home.

Please note that all the information you send will be treated as strictly confidential.

Online Homeopathy treatment for Patients:

  • First consultarion 5000 INR ( including medicines and courier) – for Indian patients
  • Follow up:1500 INR
  • First consultarion 250 USD ( including medicines and courrier) – for Foreign patients
  • Follow up: 150 USD


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