Homeopthic medicines

Homeopathic medicines are made from Plants, Animals and Minerals apart from imponderаbilia, sarcodes and nosodes which are non living things, healthy  and diseased parts and secretions. About 60% of the homeopathic medicines are prepared from one or more parts of plants. The whole plant or some parts of it, such as leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, and berries, may be used in the preparation of the medicines. Approximately 20% of the homeopathic medicines are prepared from minerals, including metals, non-metals, and their compounds.  Some homeopathic medicines are derived from certain animal products, which are obtained without killing animals. Animal products, such as snake poison, spider poison, etc., are used in extremely minute doses to prepare homeopathic medicines.

Imponderabilia means which is not weighable, i.e. the substances which have no perceptible weights, they are immaterial power or energy; may be natural or artificial.
Medicines prepared from energy, available from natural and physical reactions are called imponderabilia.Hahnemann observes in his Organon, aphorism 280, Footnote that, “even imponderable agencies can produce most violent effects upon man.”

Sarcodes imply protoplasm of animals as distinguished from vegetable protoplasm. In Greek the term ‘Sarcode’ means fleshy. In homeopathy some of the Sarcodes are proved medicines. They are obtained from healthy endocrine or ductless glands or normal secretions of living human organs & lower animals. The secretions are mostly hormones.

The process of making of an homeopathic medicine si known as potentisation. Potentistaion is nothing but unleashing the hidden latent power of the remedy by a process of succussion if the substance si soluble in water or alcohol; and process of trituration if the substance is insoluble. The process of potentisation involves dilution of the the mother substance with alcohol and giving jerks to the medicine to unleash the hidden ptential of remedy. There are three scales of potentisation centisimal scale also knwon as C potency in which the drug as to the alcohol ratio is 1:99, decimal scale or X/D where the ratio is 1:9 and millisimal or LM potency where the ratio is 1:50000.Homeopathic remedies are prepared under strict aseptic precautions in modern state of art pharmaceutical companies which guarantee pure quality.

Each substance is diluted, most commonly, 1 part of the original medicinal agent to 9 or 99 parts double-distilled water. The mixture is then vigorously stirred or shaken. The solution is then diluted again 1:9 or 1:99 and vigorously shaken. This process of consecutive diluting and shaking or stirring is repeated 3, 6, 12, 30, 200, 1,000, or even 1,000,000 times. Simply “diluting” the medicines without vigorously shaking them doesn’t activate the medicinal effects.
It is inaccurate to say that homeopathic medicines are extremely diluted; they are extremely “potentized.” “Potentization” refers to the specific process of sequential dilution with vigorous shaking.