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About Homeopathic Health Solutionsdr samir homeopathic health solutions

Company Homeopathic Health Solutions was founded in 2012 by Dr Samir Chaukkar and Lora Georgieva with the sole aim to spread Homeopathy world wide by way of educating homeopaths in classical as well as modern homeopathy  and bring about awarness of goodness of homeopathy in lay persons  and treating patients ethically and rationally  to improve their quality of life. At HHS we are passionately dedicated to promoting health andwellness to the health seeker.

Our work is based on profound research and treatment of dieseases of Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ADHD,Alergies, Addictions, Pediatrics, Womens problems, Skin problems along with many others. We have patients from almost every part of the world. Last 2 years we have focused our work towards  Autistic spectrum disorders, treating numerous cases of Autism, who are undergoing treatment on mothly basis. We work hard to share all this expereince on international conferences  and seminars  participating as speakers on this topic. Along with diseases of Autistic Spectrum we also inculcate in our practice Autoimune problems like Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis, Lichen planus, Thyroid dysfunctions, Hair fall etc.


The other domain of our work is International education of homeopathic students, practicioners and lay people. Our spectrum of education covers different levels of Basic Homeopathy ( Materia Medica, Repertory, Organon) to all levels of Advanced Homeopathy( PosologyRemedy Resonance, Study of Kingdoms Comparative Materia Medica, Sensation Method, etc.)

We also organise Training programs for International students and Homeopaths in India.

Our mission is to spread the benefits of homeopathy to as many people in the world as possible, to spread good quality homeopathic education to students and practicioners and to help them in their day to day practice sharing our knowledge, experience and passion for Homeopathy.