About Dr Samir Chaukkar

Dr Samir Chaukkar

Dr Samir Chaukkar has graduated in Homoeopathy in 1992 from the prestigious Smt. C.M.P. Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai, India affiliated to the University of Mumbai as Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery (B.H.M.S) After graduation he did his post graduation in Homeopathy from The British Institute of Homeopathy, UK and he acquired the honorable H.M.D.(Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine). He is a honorary Felllow of British Institute of Homeopathy,UK.
After his post graduation he has been practicing Classical homeopathy since the last 25 years, polishisng his skills under guidance of masters like Dr Sunil Anand, Dr Sankaran, Dr Vijaykar and others.
After 1993  he started his teaching at  Y.M.T.Homeopathic medical college and
P.G.Insitute as Professor in Materia Medica for more than 20 years during which his duties were  designing and facilitating workshops and lecture series for graduate and post graduate students,. designing Course material for the graduate students and Active participation in research activities of the Out-patient department and Hospital like Homeopathic drug trials and Drug proving.
He has also done his  M.D. in homeopathy from Y.M.T.Homeopathic College.
His subject of interest and thesis is  Behavioural disorders in children especially Autism and ADHD.
Dr Samir Chaukkar has done the post graduate course in Addictions Medicine at Georgian College in Orillia,Ontario in Canada. While in Canada he was attached to the Homeopathic college of Canada as a guest faculty in Homeopathy.

In 2015 he finished Fellowship Course in Advanced Homeopathy at “the other song” Academy (MUHS Recognized Premier Institute in Homeopathy) under the ageis of Dr Rajan Sankaran.

Dr Samir Chaukkar is an approved professor and Guide to PG Students in Materia Medica by the Maharashtra university of Health Sciences.He is attached to the Hahnemann college of Homeopathy, London in capacity of Professor, Guide and mentor.
He has been also a Senior Addiction Counsellor at Kripa Foundation’s De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre, Bandra, Bombay, India.
Dr Samir has also played an important role in Research and development. He was Master Prover in the Homoeopathic Reproving of Syzygium Jambolanum and Passiflora Incarnata,
In Charge of the Homoeopathic O.P.D for HIV-AIDS, Drug and Alcohol De addiction, ADHD OPD, Obesity. He also had an Active role in starting the Specialized Menopausal and Diabetes Clinic. He has also done a project on ADHD with 2 local schools as a part of Thesis for M.D and had an Active role in organizing free Health Check up and homoeopathic camps for needy people, free spectacle distribution to senior citizens, arranging cataract and other operations for poor and needy people.

Dr Samir has also published a book on comparative material medica, a subject very dear to his heart, the book is published by B.Jain publishers and is available in market.The book has been recognized by CCH and MUHS as a reference material for UG and PG homeopathic Students.

At present Dr Samir Chaukkar is attached to Dr Batras Academy, Mumbai, India affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health sciences, Nashik, India in the capacity of Dean and Director. The academy is a premier institute in field of Homeopathic education imparting high quality howemopathic traioning to post graduate hoemopaths in subjects of Oncology, Pediatrics, Nutrition , Dietetics, Dermatology and Advanced Homeopathy. Before heading the Academy Dr Samir joined the Dr Batras group of clinics as Head of Training and played a pivotal role in training the 350+ doctors all Dr Batras all over India. He has also hold the post of Head recruitment and training at Dr Batras and is responsible for recruiting and inducting fresh graduates as well as experienced homeopaths in the fabric of Dr Batras.

He has presented various papers in National and International conferences on Homeopathy and many homeopathic seminars abroad as well on the above topics

UK -Homeopathic Congress London, Hahnemann 2013 paper presented “Addictions and Homeopathy”

Rio de Janeiro- LMHI 2015

70th Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis papers presented “Role of homeopathy in Autism” and “Scope of Homeopathy in Addictions”

Poster presentation “‘ADHD and Homeopathy”


Istanbul,Turkey International Homeopathic Conference 2015 paper presented “Psoriasis the Menace”

Istanbul,Turkey International Homeopathic Conference 2016 paper presented “‘Role of Homeopathy in Autism” 

Istanbul,Turkey International Homeopathic Conference 2017

paper presented ”ADHD-unrevealing “the Perfect storm…”

Guest lecturer for Homeopathic Association, Istanbul Turkey for last 3 years.

Guest lecturer for ABRAHCON, School for Homeopathy, Brazilia, Brazil 2017.

International AYUSH Conference and Exhibition on 9-11th November 2017, Dubai, OAE paper presented ”Scope of Homeopathy in Autism”





He has specialized his practice in addictions, autoimmune diseases like Vitilligo, Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis along with Asthma, Allergies, IBS, PCOS, Hair disorders, RA, Menstrual irregularities, Pediatric problems like Nocturnal Eneuresis, Failure to Thrive, Behavioural Disorders like ADHD, Autism etc.